Visiomed laboratories

This is the established commercial brand of the Visiomed laboratories that includes the ranges of health and well-being products for screening and diagnosis (temperature measurement, blood pressure monitoring), non-drug treatment and prevention, hearing, optics and family hygiene. Visiomed laboratories possesses true expertise in medical electronics, which it develops in close collaboration with health professionals. Its innovative solutions are centred on ease of use and the comfort and well-being of its users.

The brand puts particular attention into ensuring that its products conform to the strictest regulatory standards (CE marking, ISO standards, etc.) and maintaining the spirit of partnership developed with pharmacists and its distributors.

Visiomed laboratories relies on a well-established distribution network in France and abroad. Visiomed laboratories products are available in 6,000 pharmacies in France.

ThermoFlash® by Visiomed laboratories

Within the range of temperature measurement devices offered by Visiomed laboratories, Thermoflash® is distinguished by its unique technology, which was developed and patented in 2007 and now renowned throughout the world. This infrared medical thermometer is able to take an accurate temperature measurement without contact in 0.28 seconds. Thermoflash® has proven to be the tool of choice for preventing the spread of international pandemics (bird flu, Ebola) and is deployed throughout the world by the WHO and other large international organisations. Its recognition by health professionals has made it a benchmark for non-contact thermometers.

Useful for the whole family, Thermoflash® offers three temperature modes: body, room and surface (such as for a baby bottle).




BewellConnect® concentrates all the Visiomed Group’s knowledge and expertise in e-health for the general public and health professionals into its cutting-edge connected medical devices, connected health platform and advanced telemedicine solutions.

For the general public, BewellConnect® offers a wide range of connected health devices linked to a unique application that acts as a personal health assistant; this enables users to monitor their health and send their data to their doctor in an easy and completely secure manner. The app also includes services such as BewellCheck-up®, which uses an artificial intelligence system to obtain reliable diagnostic advice and provide a risk assessment and level of urgency assessment, and MyDoc®, a doctor on call 24/7.

For health professionals, BewellConnect® offers innovative solutions for the entire telemedicine value chain that can be integrated into health care facilities, surgeries, care facilities for elderly persons, pharmacies as well as the home.

Visiocheck® by BewellConnect



Visiocheck® (Class IIa medical device) is the first connected mobile telemedicine station in the world weighing less than 300 grams. It integrates all the medical devices necessary for remote telemonitoring and/or taking in situ measurements at any location and under any circumstance. An ultra-portable “all-in-one” solution, Visiocheck® facilitates all telemedicine operations, whether for private medical care or in the hospital, for doctors and paramedics. Connected to a platform with doctors available 24/7, Visiocheck® is also the perfect tool in the fight against medical deserts.