Electrostimulation rectangular electrodes for MyTens

Electrode pads are accessories compatible with MyTens and MyTens Pro devices.

  1. Rectangular self-adhesive electrodes
  2. Fast fixing and simple with 1 clip
  3. Optimal use: excellent adhesiveness
  4. MyTens mobile app proposes more than 80 electrode placements
  5. The snap connector clip system allows one-handed connection by simply clipping the MyTens pod to the electrode pad

Reguctangular electrodes BW-EAR4 – This category I device is a regulated healthcare product which bears, under regulation, the CE mark. Carefully read the instructions (08/2018). Consult your pharmacist.   Visiomed Group SA   Visiomed Technology Co., LTD

Last modifications : Sep 25, 2018


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    2 bags of 2 electrodes

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