Inhaler Booster VM-IN296 (9 months to 6 years)

Inhaler Booster® VM-IN296 is an inhalation chamber fitted with two silicone valves for the effective administration of inhaled therapeutic products. The proximity of the valves and the mask reduces the loss of active substances. Booster Inhaler® helps to reduce particle speed and decrease their size. It improves their deposition in the lungs whilst reducing the amount deposited in the oro-pharyngeal region. In children in particular, the Booster Inhaler facilitates the administration of treatment by limiting the need for “hand-lung” synchronisation.

  1. Sold with an oral mask and oral endpiece
    Mask designed to mould the shape of the face and therefore reduce any risk of leaks
  2. Universal adapter
    Compatible with most metered-dose aerosols
  3. Anti-static (except the mask)
  4. 0% Bisphenol* A
  5. Latex-free
    Reduces the risk of allergies
  6. Set of replacement valves
  7. Available in 2 other sizes depending on the patient’s aget :
    0 months to 9 months,6 years and above


*BPA-free in accordance with safety requirements.

Booster Inhaler VM-IN296 – This class I medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using. Consult your pharmacist.   Visiomed Technology Co., LTD.    VISIOMED GROUP SA

Last modifications : Sep 26, 2018


  • Référence

  • Classification :

    Classe I
  • Tranche d’âge

    9 mois à 6 ans
  • Volume

    400 ml
  • Accessoires fournis

    Jeu de valves de rechange, masque pédiatrique

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