Kinecare Natural mud Eye mask

KINECARE thermal cushions containing Natural Dead Sea mud help to relieve aches and pains with an ultra-flexible system that distributes the mud evenly. Containing no medical active ingredients, they work quickly and help reducing pain. Natural Dead Sea mud uses thermotherapy with heat and cold. The velvety side of the product provides additional comfort and prevents the risk of burning or chapping.

  1. Thermotherapy using cold
    Helps to relieve sinusitis, headaches, palpebral oedemas (swollen eyes) and contact eczema post-eyelid surgery.
  2. Thermotherapy using heat
    Helps to relieve eye dryness and ocular rosacea.

VM-CM is a class I. medical device. This medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking (CE) in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using. (VM-CM – User manual – 12/2017). Visiomed Group SA


  • Référence :

  • Dimension :

    13 x 33 cm
  • Heating time 11x27 - 700 watts :

    15 sec + 5 sec
  • Heating time 11x27 - 1000 watts :

    10 sec + 5 sec
  • Holding strap :


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