Kinecare Heated patches Menstrual cramps

KINECARE Heated Patches contain a natural heat-producing agent, Iron, which gradually becomes iron oxide on contact with the oxygen in the air, and in doing so, produces heat. The therapeutic warming sensation develops after around 30 minutes of contact with the air. Containing no medical active ingredients, the patches work quickly and help reducing pain. Their ergonomic shape fits perfectly onto the painful area, promotes tissue oxygenation, and provides the essential nutrients the muscles need to recover.

  1. Thermotherapy using heat, helps to relieve menstrual cramps
  2. No direct contact with the skin, up to 8 hours of constant and soothing warmth

Apply the patch 2 cm under the navel and 4 cm abose the inner ankle (thermotherapy point at the crossing of three meridians, inspired from chinese medecine and acupuncture

VM-PC is a class IIa. medical device. This medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking (CE0197TUV) in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using. (VM-PC – User manual – 07/2017). Visiomed Group SA


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    7,5 x 15 cm - 7 x 9,3 cm
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