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MyTens – Wireless smart electrostimulation

Stay active everyday with our MyTens® wireless smart electrostimulator.

It soothes acute pain following surgery or mild to moderate chronic pain as well as muscle tension vis transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation known as TENS. It also strengthens muscle mass via electrical muscle stimulation called EMS.

This method stimulates the body’s natural analgesic process (endorphin release).

  1. Use low electrical currents to obtain pain relief (in the case of chronic pain or after intense sporting activity).
  2. You can rely on electrical stimulation to tone a muscle (loss of muscle mass, post-surgical rehabilitation, etc.)
  3. Thanks to the four hydrogel adhesive electrodes, you precisely target the treatment area and activate the most suitable program in the application
  4. Find the program you need from the 19 available programs (11 TENS protocols and 8 EMS protocols)
  5. Set the level of intensity to suit you

MyTens BW-TSx – This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using (08/2018). Consult your pharmacist.  Visiomed Group SA  Visiomed Technology Co., LTD

Last modifications : Sep 25, 2018


  • Model

  • Medical device

    Classe IIa
  • Units sold

    2 devices (49,9mmx55,8mm chacun)
  • Programmes

    19 programmes (11 programmes TENS + 8 EMS)
  • Dimensions

    (L)440*(l)54*(H)13mm (cable included)
  • Weight

    55g (±20%) per unit
  • Waveform

    Biphasic square wave
  • Pulse width

  • Heartbeat

    2Hz~100Hz (±10%)
  • Processing time

    1-90 minutes(±10%)given by the application

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