Nutree mixer

The Nutree mixer enables you to prepare jars of tasty baby food in advance. The Maxi-mix can make 360 g of puree, the equivalent of six 60 g jars

  1. 2 blades for either smooth or textured purees :
    – Blade 1 finely mixes purees
    – Blade 2 leaves the mixture with some texture (meats, cereals, etc.)
  2. The silicone spatula is ideal for helping pour the puree into the jars or a bowl

Nutree storage kit

Thanks to the Nutree storage kit, you can store your home-made baby food easily. With a date window on the jars, you can easily check to see when you made the food.

  1. The date window on the jars enables you to check when you made the food
  2. Silicone freezer mould for six 60 g portions
  3. Cover for optimum freezer stora
  4. The mould is 100% reusable: once the portions are frozen, just empty them all into freezer bags
  5. Easy to carry :
    The insulated case can carry up to 6 jars

Last modifications : Sep 28, 2018


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