Oxycheck – pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter that measures oxygen saturation and heart rate in real time. Non-invasive and painless for the patient, it gives the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood and detects hypoxic events even before the body shows clinical signs of oxygen deprivation.

  1. Mobile device with built-in sensor, quick and easy measurement, LCD display of SpO2% and heart rate
  2. Non-painful and non-invasive for the user
  3. Duration of use: 30 hours continuously, Automatic shutdown after 8 seconds of non-use


Oxycheck VM-50DL1 – This category IIa medical device is a regulated healthcare product which bears, under regulation, the CE mark. Carefully read the instructions (02/2018). Consult your chemist. CONTEC MEDICAL SYSTEMS Co., Ltd.  Shanghai International Holding Corp. GmbH (Europe)

Last modifications : Sep 26, 2018


  • Reference :

  • Device :

    mobile with built-in sensor
  • Metering

    simple and fast
  • Viewing :

    SpO2% LCD and heart rate
  • Duration of use :

    30 hours continuously
  • Automatic shutdown :

    after 8 seconds of non-use

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