MyNutriScale – Connected nutritional scale

BW-MyNutriScale is an intelligent assistant for preparing precisely calculated dishes. Reliable and easy to use, BW-MyNutriScale is a partner in tracking calories.

Weigh your food and successfully prepare your dishes with ease

  1. Electronically weighs food accurately to the gram
  2. Monitors the nutritional intake of each food item (calories)
  3. Determines the nutritional value of each food item (carbohydrates, fats and proteins)
  4. A connected assistant suitable for use with all nutritional programmes
  5. Ideal for weighing and controlling your baby’s food.


  • Reference

  • Weighing measurement range :

    0.04 kg - 50 Kg
  • Accurate to 1 kg

  • Accurate to 3 kg

  • Accurate to 5 kg

  • Units of weight

    g / ml / lb oz / fl. Oz
  • Product dimensions

    210 x 180 x 21mm
  • Weight :