Prosonic Micro 2

Thanks to Action Power Sonic technology with a specifically shaped brush head and Tynex Nylon (DuPont) bristles with streamlined ends, the Prosonic® Micro2 toothbrush cleans teeth at depth whilst preserving tooth enamel and gently stimulating the gums.

  1. 30 000 micro-vibrations per minute:
    Helps to naturally whiten teeth and remove stains and dental plaque
  2. Brush head with fine, triangular stem.
  3. Bristles with rounded, polished tips
  4. Tongue scraper
  5. Available in several colours:
    Yellow, orange, white, turquoise, green and coral
  6. Available in two formats:
    soft or medium

Last modifications : Sep 28, 2018


  • Reference :

  • Micro-vibrations :

    30 000 per minute
  • Brush head :

    Fine triangular stem
  • Bristles brush :

    Polished and rounded ends

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