MyBabyScale – Connected scalable baby scale

Keep an eye on the growth and development of your baby starting at birth and well into the future.

MyBabyScale, a health companion for all the children in the family. Able to grow with the child thanks to its 2 interchangeable platforms (up to 50 kg), it accurately and reliably measures weight within 10 g and easily allows data to be shared and analysed by your paediatrician.

A connected bathroom scale ideal for your growing children

  1. Completely track the growth of your baby using the BewellConnect app (height, weight, head circumference, estimated adult height, etc.).
  2. Results interpreted based on WHO standards. (Growth charts)
  3. Grows with your baby : Thanks to its 2 interchangeable platforms, you can track your child’s growth from birth to adolescence.
  4. A logbook enables you to enter information useful for tracking your child’s sleep, moods, diet, stool, etc.


  • Reference

  • Weighing measurement range

    kg : 0 – 50 Ib oz : 0 – 99Ib 15.5oz
  • Accuracy :

    kg : 0,01; oz : 0,5
  • Profiles :

    Up to 7 user profiles (App)
  • Dimensions

    420 x 340 x 100 mm
  • Weight :


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