Medical thermometer connected without contact – MyThermo

Gently take a temperature, without waking up or disturbing. This thermometer is non-invasive to easily check and monitor temperature. By taking a measurement on the temporal artery, it is contactless, hygienic and painless.

  1. Three temperature taking modes (body, bottle or bath)
  2. Accurate measurement (+/- 0.2°C in Body mode (35°C-42°C), +/- 1.0°C in Room mode, +/- 0.4°C in Surface mode) thanks to infrared technology
  3. Perfect for children :
    you can check their temperature without disturbing them
  4. Fast temperature reading thanks to the colour display (green, orange red)
  5. Tracking and sharing of the temperature curve with your doctor

BW-CX10 – This category IIa medical device is a regulated healthcare product which bears, under regulation, the CE mark. Carefully read the instructions (08/2017). Consult your chemist.  Visiomed Technology Co., Ltd.  VISIOMED GROUP SA

Last modifications : Sep 25, 2018


  • Reference :

  • Temperature sensor :

    IR sensor
  • Product dimensions :

    60,7 x 37,4 x 96,3 mm
  • Weight :

    117 g
  • Body temperature range :

    Mode Body : from 30° to 43°C (86.0°F to 109.4°F)
  • Surface temperature range :

    Mode surface : from 0° to 93.3°C (32°F to 199.9°F)
  • Room temperature range :

    Mode Room : from 0° to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  • Measuring distance :

    3 to 5 cm
  • Precision :

    +/- 0.2°C in body mode (35°C-42°C)
  • Precision :

    +/- 1.0°C in Room mode
  • Precision :

    +/- 0.4°C in surface mode

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