Zap’x anti lice-comb

The natural alternative to aggressive treatments.

Traditional treatments against lice may be harmful, constraining, or lead to parasite resistance due to frequent utilisation. The electronic anti-lice comb ZapX™ VM-X100 enables easy fighting of lice invasion. This method is totally harmless and secure for the hair or the scalp.

  1. Generates an electrical tension of 100V killing the lice, but nonperceptible for human
  2. Totally thrifty : can be used and reused as necessary as needed
  3. Painless and safe, even for young children
  4. Profiled steel teeth-structure removing the lice out of the hair

VM-X100 is a class I. medical device. This medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking (CE) in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using. Visiomed Group SAVisiomed technology Co., LTD 

Last modifications : Sep 26, 2018


  • Reference :

  • Teeth :

    stainless steel comb with helical micro-toothed
  • Treatment :

    Quick and natural

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